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about arabian , muslims Date: Jan 26th @ 11:55am EST
I dont know how to start ...i feel lil upset abou this ..I met here many people who simply hate my religion because of unfortunate events what happ in this periode..and i try to explain to every one we are not the same like that ppl.....many of them understand this ...but still remain 10 % of persons who hate me at all...just because im arabian and muslim...:( in fewer words, I want to tell we are the same like other models, and we love our members and we love to talk and do more than this :) and i hope for future will understand all what person I AM : !!
All about me :) Date: Oct 29th @ 5:50am EDT
Hello guys! this is my first post on my little blog im excited!!
I am excited to open in front of us, and tell you something about me...firstly thank you that you are in a big number, and that love what i do on camera...Im by nature dynamic and always open to ideas..soo dont be shy and tell me what you have in mind!i love sense of humor and love people who make me pretty sure if you make me laught you will win my heart dont be rude, dont be a smartass with me..because i can be evil too (buhahaha) :D , and yes i have that 50% part of evil inside haha (i think this is pretty good for me!) fewer words, make me feel like in heaven and I'm yours!
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